Thursday, August 16, 2007

"Excuse Me While I Kiss the Floor" Claims $75 Prize in Office Safety Slogan Contest -

August 16 Update: "Excuse Me While I Kiss the Floor" won the August 16 applause vote. I've claimed the $75 restaurant gift certificate.

August 9 Update: Two of my slogans (highlighted in green below) made the finals, but neither won the $75 gift certificate in applause votes at quarterly safety meetings today. I have one more chance next Thursday. My first entry got the most laughs, as most folks at the meeting got the crude joke.

I dusted off my marketing skills (remember the Del Monte Perfect Pair and the Tinactin Two? - if not, please see my "March Madness" post if you dare) to enter the office safety slogan contest. Did you know there was such a thing as the National Floor Safety Institute? My wife says I'm sure to win the award for most entries (if there is one). Judging will be on August 9, so stay tuned.

August 2007 Office Safety Slogan Contest:
Slips, Trips and Falls

Clean That Spill! Skid Marks Are Sooooo Ugly

Be Safe - One Step at a Time

Keep Your Nose to the Grindstone and Off the Floor

Excuse Me While I Kiss the Floor

Old Office Workers Never Die, They Just Slip Into Oblivion

Fall Into a Good Habit – Look for Walking Hazards

Injured – What a Long Strange Trip It’s Been

Walk This Way! (Upright, That Is)

Fashionable Footwear – Flashy Feet or Frightening Fall?

Keep Your Eyes on the Curb—Stand Tall

Take the Stairs with Care

Ooh, Shiny! Whoa, Slippery!

Listen to Your Mother. Don’t Stand on the Furniture!

Old Office Furniture: Both Ugly and Unsafe

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