Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Thanksgiving Wishes - Enjoy Your Day; Drive Safely

To All My Readers

Happy Thanksgiving to You and Yours!

Enjoy the time spent with family and friends. Overeat, take a nap, watch some football that you do or don't care about, play with the grandkids, but most of all:




Some key points to arriving alive at both your destination and back home:

Wear your seat belt. Seat belt usage in Louisiana runs at about 75%. But only about 40% of those killed in traffic accidents were wearing theirs. A lot of folks are alive today because their seat belt was fastened. Even more would be alive if everyone did.

Follow posted speed limits. You're trying to reach your destination in one piece, not win a NASCAR race. Drive slower at night and in hazardous conditions. That extra 5 or 10 mph that will save 20 minutes on your trip could be the difference in avoiding a wreck.

Don't tailgate. The more distance you leave behind the vehicle in front of you, the better chance you have to react to his or her mistakes.

Use extra caution when changing lanes. See NASCAR note above. Expect the other driver to do the unexpected.

Take regular breaks. Stop before you get tired. If there's an overnight stop involved in your trip, do it earlier rather than later. Late night driving is much more hazardous than daytime.

Stay calm. Don't get upset over delays or bad driving by others along the way.

Minimize distractions for the driver. Let passengers operate cell phones, audio, and GPS.

Stay clear of erratic drivers and 18-wheelers. The former cause accidents; you won't survive a collision with the latter.

Don't drink and drive. Take a nap, not a trip into town, after that third glass of wine.

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