Thursday, October 2, 2008

Return of Soxtober

The Red Sox win in Game One of the 2008 ALDS reminded me of 2007's Soxtober craze.

Here are the marketing tangents I developed around that theme.

1) When the Indians beat the Red Sox (or win the World Series in Cleveland) -- Jaketober!2) A similar Diamondback triumph -- Snaketober!
3) A repeat of Curt Schilling's 2004 heroics -- Hunt for Red Socktober
4) Birds rather than midges invade Jacobs Field -- Flocktober!
5) Most of what Tim McCarver says -- Crocktober
6) Celebrity-ridden game coverage -- Schlocktober
7) Jim Rome does guest commentary -- Smacktober!
8) Rockies rally from 2 down against Jose Valverde in extra innings - Shocktober!
9) FOX camera scans stands for Hugh Laurie - Doctober
10) Clarence Clemons plays National Anthem - Saxtober
11) Baseball, hot dogs, apple pie and you know who - Trucktober!
12) Diamondbacks' stadium name sponsor JP Morgan Chase says invest with your Stocktober!
And a few more -
A 12-inning night game in Phoenix, would have us watching the Clocktober
All players are warned not to scratch themselves in certain places on camera to avoid Jocktober
Or to spit on camera - Hocktober
Leonard Nimoy does play-by-play in Spocktober
With the Braves missing the playoffs for two straight years we've not seen Coxtober
If there's a controversy about where a batter stands relative to home plate it could be Boxtober
Well-dressed player wives could inspire Frocktober
A finger-painting contest for the little ones - Smocktober!
Nestles or Hershey would sponsor the MLB playoff tie-in Choctober!
A moving, albeit somewhat geographically misplaced tribute to Steve Irwin - Croctober.
Fall football recruit-signing fan event - Faxtober (sorry for lack of baseball content)
Too bad the Padres missed the postseason--their run could have been Blacktober
Team with most future Hall of Famers can celebrate (or the ADA can sponsor) - Plaquetober!
Baseball PR reps get together at the special event - Flacktober!
Hitters spray line drives at infielders - Flaktober
Green Bay is 4-1 as we play in Packtober.
Between-inning cup rearrangement contest - Stacktober!
O'Neal attends a game between basketball contests - Shaqtober!
Don Rickles joins Buck and McCarver - Yoktober!
Joan Rivers or Rosie O'Donnell do the same - Yaktober!
If the free-swinging D-Backs strike out too much to win - Hacktober
The star of "School of Rock" gets a FOX series and shows up at the ballpark - JackBlacktober
Needing no last name, Jack Nicholson's appearance is just Jacktober.
The combined offense of the Phillies and Cubs in the Division Series - Lacktober
Mark McGwire makes a surprise appearance to discuss his past steroid use - Mactober
Morganna's daughter races toward the third baseman - Racktober
Frito Lay's big MLB playoff campaign - Snacktober!
Enraged manager pulls up all the bases - Sacktober
A simulated game for injured Red Sox pitcher Tim Wakefield - Mocktober
A game full of singles - Knocktober
Oddsmaking experts promote their Locktober! pick.
I'm not sure how one of the networks restrained themselves from declaring There's Only One FOXtober!Or how TBS has avoided Franktober!

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