Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Photo of the Day - Now on Vacation - please visit www.photoblog.com/dadlak

June 10 - Photo of the Day is on hiatus while we take our summer trip. To see plenty of photos, please visit www.photoblog.com/dadlak and

May 27 - Our bike repair wasn't ready so I snapped this shot of the bike display on the way out of the store.

May 26 - Razzberry found this terrier just a little too friendly at the dog park.

May 25 - No question about my favorite photo from this day. Razzberry seems the least comfortable in this pose.

May 24 - We went to dinner at Cafe Des Amis in Breaux Bridge on Friday night. I took several pictures on the way and at the restaurant. I like this one looking out of the restaurant best.

May 23 - I got my new Canon PowerShot camera today and took just a few pictures. I like this closeup of my glasses best.

May 22 - I called this one "Bunk Beds". Razzberry and Rascal don't often sleep so close together.

May 21 - This was another "fill-in" day while I waited for my new camera, but Mom's shots of a shuttle launch last year got a lot of nice comments.

May 20 - Here's a shot from 2007, taken at the end-of-year banquet for 8th graders and their parents. Both the menu and entertainment had a Chinese flavor.

May 19 - I had to post two pictures today. Here's half of a bluegrass band we saw on Sunday in Abita Springs, LA

I call this one "Still Life With Brie Cheese". Some fans at the Abita Springs concert brought this spread.

May 18 - The vet and her assistant give Razzberry an abdominal exam to determine why she threw up all over the living room on Friday.

May 17 - This regular gave one of the best performances at Daiquiri Cafe's Karaoke night on Friday. He sang George Thorogood's "Bad to the Bone."

May 16 -Unknown to us, our pug Razzberry was sick when we left the house Friday morning. We found out when we came home to three pieces of vomit-splattered furniture. We're going to the vet today.

May 15 - This is the elevated walkway between the parking garage and the terminal at the Baton Rouge airport as seen from the second floor of the garage. I liked the lighting and the geometry of the windows and the roof supports.

Another photoblogger inspired me to start a new feature here - my Photo of the Day. I'll post here the best picture I posted at www.photoblog.com/dadlak the previous day (my opinion only). Feel free to visit Photoblog to see the rest of my photos.

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