Thursday, June 5, 2008

Our Governor or McCain's Running Mate?

I don't post often on politics, but last night's appearance by Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal with presumptive Republican nominee John McCain, his fourth such since being inaugurated in January, made me wonder about Jindal's commitment to his self-described beloved home state. I wrote the following letter to the editor of the local newspaper on the subject.

To the Editor

The Advocate

June 5, 2008

Bobby Jindal’s self-stated love for his home state drove him to run successfully for the governorship rather than continue to serve in Washington as Congressman from the 1st District. The last few weeks have made me wonder where our governor’s heart really is. In time that he could have spent solving Louisiana’s myriad of problems, Jindal appeared three times on the stump with presumptive Republican presidential nominee John McCain and spent a weekend at McCain’s ranch in Arizona, all the time coyly denying any interest in becoming McCain’s running mate.

Jindal’s appearance with Jay Leno on The Tonight Show seemed more about introducing him to a national audience than about Jindal’s beloved home state. In another overtly partisan activity, our governor also devoted significant energy, at least as indicated by the number of mailings and phone calls that came to our house, campaigning for unsuccessful Republican candidate for the 6th Congressional district, Woody Jenkins. Unless Jindal finds his way onto McCain’s ticket, and perhaps even then, I sadly expect an all-too-soon reprise in the fall.

Governor Jindal, please come back to all the people of Louisiana, so many of whom supported you in last year’s election. There will be plenty of time for a national political run and for partisan politics after you complete your term as Louisiana’s governor, fulfilling your pledge to make the state one where anyone would want to raise their children.

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